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The clitoral hood is the tissue that covers and surrounds the clitoris, the highly sensitive and arousing erectile tissue of a female’s vagina. Excess vaginal skin on the sides of the clitoris often causes the clitoris to look enlarged or uneven. Enlargement of the clitoral hood can negatively impact sexual pleasure during lovemaking. In addition, women with an enlarged clitoral hood may also desire an improved cosmetic appearance. A larger than normal clitoral hood can be the result of genetics, childbirth, and even hormones. The NYC board certified plastic surgeon, John G. Hunter, MD, FACS offers an exceptionally precise surgery for women seeking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their genital area by removing the extra folds of skin lateral to the clitoris. This surgery is called “clitoral hood reduction” or “clitoroplasty“.

Please note: With clitoral hood reduction surgery the actual clitoris itself and its nerves are never touched.

Clitoral hood reduction surgery may also be performed by the NYC plastic surgeon at the same time as labiaplasty surgery if there is too much skin covering the clitoris.

Clitoroplasty / clitoral hood reduction surgery eliminates the excess part of the clitoral hood. Clitoroplasty or clitoral hood removal is a safe, quick, and simple surgical procedure medically referred to as a “hoodectomy“. Clitoropexy is essential for the careful surgical fixation of the clitoris when it protrudes beyond its normal anatomic location.

Clitoral hood reduction refers to removing some of the excess skin over the clitoris. In some patients, the skin overlying the clitoris is very prominent and bothers them. This can be removed easily as an isolated procedure, or more commonly it is performed at the time of a labia reduction / labiaplasty surgery.

Dr. Hunter is very meticulous and extremely professional.  He listens and will take as much time is necessary until he knows exactly what you want.  His office is beautiful and his staff is also very professional and very experienced. A clitoral hood reduction changed my life. If you are researching surgeons who offer this life changing surgery you should definitely seek a consultation with Dr. Hunter in NYC. ~ YELP

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You are a candidate for a clitoral hood reduction surgery if you feel you have:

  • A difficult time reaching sexual climax (or not at all)
  • An enlarged labia with excess tissue in the clitoral hood
  • Irritation of the skin or decreased sensation due to excess skin overlying the clitoris

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be my plastic surgeon performing the clitoral hood reduction? Dr. John G. Hunter, a board certified plastic surgeon, who has performed the most labiaplasty (labia minora reduction) procedures in NYC will perform your clitoral hood reduction surgery and meet with you during your complimentary initial consultation. He will also be the same surgeon who will look after you and provide all of your post-operative care.

How long does clitoral hood reduction surgery? The duration of the surgery varies from case to case, as each clitoral hood surgery is highly customized to the individual, but generally speaking, the top NYC labiaplasty surgeon performs clitoral hood reduction surgery in one to two hours.

Where is the surgery performed? Clitoral hood surgeries are performed in the board certified plastic surgeon’s private fully accredited outpatient surgical suite in NYC: 361 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016. Most of our patients tell us this is preferable to a hospital setting or a large surgery center as patient privacy is more fully protected and a patient is never exposed to hospital-based germ cross-contamination.

What type of anesthesia is used for this surgery? In most instances, clitoral hood reduction surgery is performed in our NYC office under local anesthesia.

How is Clitoral Hood Reduction Performed? Clitoral hood reduction is a fast and simple, outpatient procedure where the clitoral hood is surgically incised and the excess skin tissue is removed to allow for improved stimulation of the clitoris. Typically, the surgery is performed using mild sedation and a local anesthetic.

What is recovery like? After a clitoral hood reduction surgery, some women complain of mild pain. You will be prescribed pain medicine and a topical anesthetic ointment to use if you experience pain.

If you have any questions in regards to clitoral hood reduction and would like a complimentary clitoral hood reduction consultation with the board certified NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Hunter, MD, FACS, please feel free to contact our NYC office for a complimentary clitoral hood reduction consultation or request a consultation online using the eForm on the right. Cosmetic genital surgery is a private matter. All information is kept confidential.

If you are an out of town patient interested in a complimentary consultation please refer to this link for more information: Out of Town Labiaplasty Surgery Patient Information.

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